What We Can Learn About Mixing From Chris Lord-Alge

Chris Lord-Alge is a very well-known recording engineer, known chiefly for his specialty - mixing (see our article about the 3 sub-specialties of recording engineers - Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer and Mastering Engineer – Oh My).  He has put his signature of extreme dynamic range compression on a huge number of hits from the 80s up to today, including albums by James Brown, Dave Matthews, Daughtry, Creed, Nickleback, Switchfoot, Art of Dying, My Chemical Romance, Bruce Springsteen, and tons of others.

Here is an article that talks about how Chris Lord-Alge got his sound - his secret of simple mixes with punch and clarity. He uses lots of sub-mixes (called "folders" in Reaper) and compositing of tracks.

Here is the full article by Björgvin Benediktsson: http://www.audio-issues.com/music-mixing/lord-alge-mixing-secret/


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