Vocal Microphone Rufus Wainwright Uses On Stage

We just saw a CBS Sunday Morning segment about Rufus Wainwright where there were several clips of him performing on stage, always with the same microphone.  Since it was clearly not your typical Shure SM58, used by so many lead singers on stages around the world for decades, we decided to start rooting around the internet to figure out what mic he was using.  I'm not ashamed to say that Lisa figured it out first - but only by 60 seconds;).  Anyway, it turns out that Rufus Wainwright uses the Shure KSM9 Handheld Microphone as his vocal mic on stage - at least in the footage shown in this piece.

Of the KSM9, Wainwright’s front-of-house engineer Suneil Pusari said in an interview for Mix Magazine that the mic has a great openness and detail that accurately captures the different aspects of Wainwright's voice.  That article mentions other cool microphones they use for the live shows.  Read that article here: http://mixonline.com/live_sound/tours/rufus_wainwright_live_sound//index.html

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