The Veteran Shure SM7 Microphone

The Shure SM7 microphone is a dynamic mic (see our post: What Is the Difference Between A Condenser and A Dynamic Microphone? for a primer on what a dynamic mic is) aimed at the voice-over and radio broadcast market.  It was first released in the 70s and is still a great mic doing a great job in 2012.

For the most part (there are exceptions to every rule), dynamic mics are usually not recommended for vocal recording applications.  They are great for recording loud and "bangy" things like drums and electric guitar amps, but probably their main use is for live performances.

RE-20 microphone

However, in the radio broadcast world you need a rugged mic that can stand up to daily taking all manner of different levels of vocals, being pushed and pulled around, etc.  Mics like the Shure SM7 and Electro Voice RE-20 dynamic mics are great sounding dynamics found in radio stations around the world.

Here is an article about the development and history of the Shure SM7:


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