Testing Your Home Studio Monitors

It is usually considered a best practice, especially in music, to do your critical listening using monitor speakers rather than headphones.  I actually think that in many cases the opposite is true for voice-over recording where small imperfections like p-pops, breaths, and small bits of extraneous noise might only be audible in headphones.  But still, overall tone and quality of sound is usually more accurate when listening to the sound through the air from loudspeakers.

But the reason for this is accuracy.  We want to be sure we hear what is actually there, versus what our rooms might be adding or taking away via the oddness that happens when echos bounce off the walls, ceilings, etc. and combine with each other.  Placing speakers in relation to your chair and in relation to the walls behind them is important.  Also, treating walls and ceilings to reduce reflections is part of the mix.  Once you get all of this right, you can be consistent.  But if you move things around, you will have to start all over again.

Des has some tips on how to test your monitor speakers to make sure they are sounding like they should.  Check out his post here:


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