2 Ways To Produce Bad Audio On A VoiceOver

I'm starting a new thing called Bad Audio Of The Day. I avoided doing this for a long time because I didn't want to say anything bad about anyone. But now I believe the lessons that can be learned outweigh the negative karma points. So today, while watching the US Open Tennis Tournament, I watched in amazed dismay as a company, tennisdirect.com, who paid enough to place a commercial on The Tennis Channel during the US Open produced an ad with a truly terrible voice-over. This is not a slam on the voice-over talent (who was actually on-screen, not just a disembodied voice) at all. The problem is all about mic placement, recording space and audio processing. So what was wrong with the audio? 2 things. First, it sounded hollow and "boxy," a sure sign of the effects of a bad … [Read more...]