What Does Ducking Mean In Audio Recording?

Ducking in audio recording is a technique for allowing a narrator's voice to be heard clearly and consistently when there is other audio happening at the same time, such as background music. If nothing else, this is a rare example where the term actually describes, in plain English, what it accomplishes. Plus it's fun to say. So what does ducking mean anyway? The way it works is pretty simple. Let's say you have some background music for either a voice-over project or a video project that will have a narrator, and that this music will play at the same time as the narrator speaks. When the narrator is not speaking, the music should be clear and present - the main thing to listen to. But when the voice comes in, it should take over as the main audio, the background music becoming, well, … [Read more...]

Voice-Over Recording Tips: Recording And Editing Conversations In Reaper

If you have ever been asked to record and edit a conversation between two people, say, for a voice over job, then you are probably aware of the logistical problems this can cause. The client usually has visions of just getting the two people together around a microphone and simply reading their parts at the appropriate time. Sure, that would be OK if you always had both people available at the same time, along with two great microphones, a large enough space for both people to occupy at the same time, etc. But these conditions are not always available to us. Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl So for the sake of the example, let's say you only have one microphone and you have to present the client with a conversation between a man and a woman. This is a situation I had monthly a while back and it seemed … [Read more...]