Home Recording Awesomeness – Virtual Instruments

Professional sounding audio recording is not as dependent on money (for good gear, studio musicians, commercial studios, etc.) like it was for so many years. Now you can produce pro audio right from your computer without having to spend much (or any) money at all. This new technology has also made it possible to record instruments for your music that you don't actually have.  You can have drums, piano, trumpets, guitars, etc. playing in your song without knowing how to play these instruments or without having someone else play them.  Sounds impossible, right?  Well that's the magic of virtual instruments. Real Virtual Instruments I'm sure you're familiar with the typical sounds a computer plays when a MIDI file is launched (for a review of what MIDI is, see our article: MIDI Recording – … [Read more...]

Free Small Percussion Virtual Instruments For Kontakt

Kontakt, by Native Instruments, is a pretty standard software sampler and virtual instrument player.  Once you own a copy of Kontakt, you can purchase tons of virtual instruments that are designed for it.  Sampleism (http://www.sampleism.com) just announced a library of small percussion instruments designed for Kontakt - and it's free.  It contains sounds such as drum sticks, shakers, and some rather unusual sounds like the "rusty old iron plate." If you have Kontakt, check out the free small percussion instruments here: http://www.sampleism.com/lssamples/ls-small-percussion … [Read more...]

New Versions of Mixcraft Recording Software

Someone asked me this morning if I could talk a bit about Mixcraft recording software (technically a DAW - digital audio workstation) by Acoustica.  Since I am always going on about Reaper (my favorite DAW), which is my go-to recording program, he wanted to know if I could sort of compare and contrast the two. Recording Magazine has a blurb in the FASTFORWARD section of the September 2012 issue telling us that Acoustica has shipped the new version of Mixcraft - Mixcraft 6 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 6.  Like Reaper, Mixcraft 6 is in that category of affordable audio software that delivers professional recording capability.  Both would be terrific for any home recording studio.  In looking at the description of Mixcraft features, I didn't see any that Reaper didn't have except for the loop … [Read more...]

Review of iRig MIDI by IK Multimedia

IK multimedia has added yet another cool product that can turn you iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a professional audio recording tool. This time it's the iRig MIDI interface ($69.99), which allows you to connect a MIDI keyboard (or other MIDI device like drum machines, guitar and floor controllers, etc.) to your iOS device. For my review I used my iPhone 4. The iRig MIDI works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generations, and both iPad versions. The primary use for this thing, at least from a home recording perspective, is as a virtual instrument. You can use it with several different instrument apps for the iPhone/iPad, but IK Multimedia's own SampleTank app was designed specifically to work in connection with it. The standard, computer-based SampleTank … [Read more...]

How Do I Set Up A Small Home Recording Studio?

I was just answering a question over at Yahoo! Answers.  The poster asked "How do I set up a small recording studio?"  This is such a frequently asked question that I wrote a 5-part series of articles to answer it over on the previous Home Brew Audio site.  To read that series, click here. But just as a quick answer to the question, I started by asking what the poster wanted to do with the studio.  If they want to do voice-over type stuff, such as narrations for videos, podcasts, radio and TV ads, eLearning etc.  If so, the small home recording studio can be quite small.  You can get very good sound from a decent audio interface such as the M-Audio Fast Track, and a large diaphragm condenser microphone such as a Audio-Technica AT2035.  Total cost for those two items totals about $150.  … [Read more...]