How To Be Your Own Glee Club – Queen Harmony Demo

What do you do when you don't have anyone else to sing harmony with? You sing harmony with yourself! Okay, what the heck is Ken talking about this time? Well, I was watching Glee recently, and one of the songs in the show was the Queen song, Fat Bottomed Girls, which opens with a killer a capella harmony. I couldn't get the song out of my head, so I decided to sing it (the intro anyway)...all 9 the same time. Normally one person can't sing harmony with themselves, though I think there ought to be a surgery that allows it:). But with a computer and a mic, you can literally be every person in a Glee Club! If you're curious about how it came out, click on the audio player below for the intro to Fat Bottomed Girls as sung once again by me, myself and me 2. [jwplayer … [Read more...]

Vocal Harmony Experiments

I have done several vocal harmony demos on how you can use your pc recording studio to record your own harmonies, using just your own voice. Obviously the same techniques work for multiple people each singing their own harmony parts, but that's not the point. So what is? Well I wanted to show someone several examples of the "how to record harmonies" demos we've done and realized it was sort of hard because they were all their own individual posts. So I created this page in order to have all the harmony audios in one place. So here they are. These examples contain only one guy singing all the parts to just the awesome a capella intros to a couple of famous songs, which is a neat audio recording technique you can learn here at Home Brew Audio. As we do more, we'll add them here as well.  … [Read more...]

Sing Harmony With Yourself – Learn How to Record Your Voice on Your PC and Sing Along With It!

Have you ever been singing a song by yourself, and you could just hear the harmonies that were "supposed" to be there but were not? Every time I sing Take It Easy, by The Eagles, I get to the chorus and just have to imagine that I have Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmidt standing beside me. Without the vocal harmonies, the song just doesn't have the same punch, the same magic. Imagine trying to perform Kansas' Carry On Wayward Son, solo! I don't think so (actually I managed to do it...the intro anyway. Wanna hear it? It's right here: Vocal Harmony Experiments.) The same holds true for Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen. There are certain songs that just cannot or should not be performed without those magical vocals. So what in the world do you do about it if you're a solo performer? Well, for … [Read more...]

Kansas “Carry On Wayward Son” Harmony: Step-By-Step

To demonstrate one of the coolest things you can do with a home recording studio these days, I recorded myself singing the introduction (just the intro - so far;)) to Kansas' Carry on Wayward Son -  just me, myself and I.  Here is how I did it. First, take a listen to how it came out: [jwplayer config="Custom Audio Player" mediaid="858"] 1. I opened my audio recording software, Reaper (see my post on Reaper here) on my computer. 2. I hit the "Record" button in Reaper and sang the melody (the high part:)) into the microphone, which was a Rode NT2-A. The mic was connected to the computer via an audio interface box like the E-MU 0204 USB 2.0 *. 3. When I finished singing that high part, I inserted another track in Reaper (ctrl-T) and sang that part again, giving me two tracks of … [Read more...]