Is EQ Really Necessary?

Someone asked this question over at the Home Recording Forum: If you're getting the right tone from the start when you record, for example using the tone control on the guitar and its amplifier, why is EQ needed in mixing? I've read a bunch of articles singing the praises of EQ, but in the mixes I made I didn't touch it and they worked fine. I think I only used it once, to round off some top end on a guitar that was annoyingly bright. Why is it considered so important? I answered the question with the following: You're right about EQ's necessity if you get the tones right at the source. Ideally it should not be needed, especially if you only have one or two tracks to deal with (say a voice over with some royalty-free music). Many folks over-use EQ to "fix" bad recording … [Read more...]

How to Fix SSS-Sibilance in Your Audio With Sound Editing Software

One common problem with recording the human voice is ssss-something called sssss-sibilance. If you didn’t already know what “sibilance” meant, my odd spelling above may have clued you in. It’s a sharp, biting hissing sound that happens whenever the recorded voice utters the “S” sound. You’ll be listening to the recording, and everything will sound great, until the speaker/singer utters the phrase “she’s a sensation,” and pierces your eardrums.  And of course, saying "Snapes on a Plane" has quite a few sibilant sounds in it, and it was the first thing that popped into my head when I thought, "what image could I use to illustrate sibilance that is also very funny?"  Other than that it has nothing to do with audio - that I can think of at the moment:). There are lots of reasons why this … [Read more...]

5 Audio Recording Tips – Part 2: Recording Loud and EQ

[captionpix imgsrc=""] This is Part 2 in the series 5 Audio Recording Tips For Newbies where I tell you about the 5 things I really wish I had known about audio when I first started recording it.  This way you don't have to wait for years to find out about them!  In the last (which was also the first:)) article I talked about stereo.  Yes, even in this day of surround and 5.1 or 7.whatever, stereo is still very important. In this post I want to tell you about tips 2 and 3, recording a good strong signal and understanding the seemingly baffling concept of EQ (short for "equalization" which is just about as confusing a moniker as it can be for what it describes). 2. Record As Loud As You Possibly Can Noise, like … [Read more...]