Sonar and Pro Tools – Great But I’ll Stick To Reaper

Personally, I see no reason to stop using Reaper, but to each their own.  I read a post this morning where someone said they loved Sonar X1.  It turned out that it was someone who was normally a Pro Tools guy.  Just so you know, Pro Tools is considered, still, to be the industry standard in audio recording mainly because so many people use it.  However, it is "big" software, by which I mean it has a LOT of code because it has a LOT of capability.  It can probably do hundreds or even thousands of things most folks will never need.  That also makes it a big load on your computer, but I digress.

The author of the subject post loved the fact that certain things were limited in Sonar, which made him feel a bit free and more able to focus.  There were other things, too, that he liked about Sonar, such as built-in EQ and compression on every track (whether you need it or not).  Personally, I don't like too many decisions being made for me like that, but again, to each their own.  I'll stick to Reaper until I find something I can't do with it.

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