Do You Want Your Voice To Sound Professional?

If you want to sound truly professional, the "headset-microphone-into-your-soundcard"  approach won't get you there.

The good news is that it isn't hard and it isn't expensive to record great audio!

With the right mic ($75 at Best Buy) & software ($60), you can record pro audio for voice-overs, podcasts, video, & full multi-track music productions.

The Newbies Guide To Audio Awesomeness: Pro Recording With Reaper is for total audio beginners.  Super easy and fun video tutorials show you how to start from nothing and create awesome audio productions, whether you just want to do voice-overs, or if you are a musician.

Here are 2 free videos from the course

Lesson 2: Your 1st Recording With the Upgraded Studio: USB Mic and Reaper Software

Lesson 9: Singing Harmony With Yourself In Reaper