New Apogee Quartet Recording Interface

Good news for all you Mac users out there.  Apogee just announced the debut of the Apogee Quartet, which offers four inputs on an interface that connects to any Mac via USB.  The Quartet is a desktop interface with controls on the top.  This is as opposed to the more common rack-mount interface units that have the controls on the front, like the M-Audio Fast Track and it's ilk.  Apogee have two other interface units in this category: the Apogee One and the Apogee Duet, which have one and two inputs, respectively.  Their other stalwart in the professional interface category is the Apogee Ensemble, which has 8 inputs (though the Ensemble is a rack-mount unit).  The Quartet will act as a sort of middle ground between the Duet and The Ensemble.

Apogee is renowned for offering high-end crazy-good quality audio hardware, so you absolutely cannot go wrong with their interface units.  The Quartet contains the same high quality digital converters and mic preamps as they are famous for in their other products.  And with the ability to record 4 things simultaneously, you'll have a lot of flexibility in recording music groups, drum kits, etc. than when using the One or Duet units, but at half the price of the Ensemble.  Plus you get the convenience of having the very slick controls on the top of the unit, unlike the Ensemble.

The Quartet is available for pre-order as of the time of this article (September 5th, 2012) - here: Apogee Quartet Pre-Order

So if you are looking for a great way to upgrade your Mac based home recording studio, this is a great way to do it.

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