Modern Pop Music All Sounds The Same – New Study Shows

Researchers in Spain recently finished a study that concludes that pop music nowadays pretty much all sounds the same.  Their analysis actually studied music from the last 60 years, so when they say "nowadays," keep that in mind.  Initially I thought "yeah a lot of the stuff I hear on the radio in 2012 does sound the same."  But this study actually compares music starting in 1955 through 2010 with music from - well - before that.

One part of the equation is the musical structure itself, such as number of chords, complexity, etc.  Modern music is simpler.  But what is more interesting for you, the folks interested in audio recording, is that recordings have gotten louder on average.  And in some cases more modern versions of the same songs are louder.  There's a very interesting before-and-after picture of two recordings of a Michael Jackson song.  The image shows the wave forms of the song in an audio program (which looks to be Adobe Audition), and you can see that the more recent version is louder just by looking at the wave forms on the screen.

Check out the full article here:

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