Miking An Upright Piano For Live Performance

Sennheiser-MD421This is the first post in a new category on Home Brew Audio - Live Sound.  Often the gear and techniques you would use during a performance are very different from those you would use for studio recording.  Hence, the new category.

For this post, I would like to point out an excellent article by Gary Zandstra on the miking of an upright piano for live performance where the piano was part of a larger orchestra.  As is often the case for live miking, Gary ended up using dynamic mics (see our article on the difference between dynamic and condenser mics here: What Are The Different Types of Microphones?).  In this case he used a pair of microphones (for stereo miking) - 2 Sennheiser MD421 mics.

Read all about Gary's exploits when faced with the task of setting up microphones for an upright piano for live performance: http://www.prosoundweb.com/article/church_sound_mic_techniques_for_upright_piano/


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