Microphone In Samantha Stosur US Open Tennis Channel Piece

AEA R44 ribbon microphoneIn keeping with our goal of noting audio things - like microphones, headphones, and other recording gear - I'd like to point out the gorgeous (and suitably expensive) microphone that took center stage in the Tennis Channel player introduction video shown during the US Open. It was the AEA R44 ribbon mic, which is AEA's insanely faithful (down to the smallest detail) reproduction of the classic RCA 44 ribbon mic.

With its polished chrome and shiny black and silver beauty, it takes right back to its heyday in the 1930s and makes me say "want."  Les Paul called it his favorite mic.  There is a vocal sound imparted by this mic that really can't be duplicated in any way except to remake it using the same materials and specs as the original, which is what AEA have done.  Awesome.  And if you have $3,600 to spend on a microphone, you can have your very own AEA R44:).

See more about this microphone here: http://www.ribbonmics.com/aea/R44.html

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