Interview With Home Recording Expert Graham Cochrane

Björgvin Benediktsson recently conducted an interview with home recording expert Graham Cochrane and asked him a series of questions having to do with getting the best sound when you're forced to mix in a converted bedroom like so many of us are.  It's clear to me that this interview is geared towards musicians, who after having recorded a standard mix of, say, guitar, drums, vocals and bass, need to hear what's going on over loudspeakers.  It's one of the mantras of audio recording that to get the most accurate mix - one that will sounds similar when played on many different kinds of systems including cars, iPods, entertainment systems, etc. - you really need to listen to the music through the air and not through headphones.  So a lot of attention must be paid by the home recording musician to the inaccuracies a room will impart to a sound.

That's sort of where the answers in this interview are aimed.  My advice for voice-over or internet marketing folks just doing podcasts and videos would be a bit different.  But hey, that's another article;).  Oh wait.  I've actually already written it - AND mad a video tutorial.  It's an eBook/video combo for $12.99 called How To build A Home Recording Studio.  But I digress.

The interview I mentioned is here:



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