How To Build A Home Recording Studio – New Kindle Book

How To Build A Home Recording Studio eBookJust wanted to let you know that my eBook, How To Build A Home Recording Studio is now a Kindle book!

This book walks you through how to set up a home recording studio on you computer at home so that you can create professional audio for music, voice-over, video narrations, podcasts, etc.

Despite the words in the title, you wont' be "building" anything in the sense of, like, using a hammer or putting up dry-wall;).  You're "building" the capability to record audio that sounds professional by simply connecting a microphone to your computer and using software to record the audio.  Of course you'll need a few extra things like microphone stands, pop-filters, headphones, and maybe a shock mount and some monitor speakers.

But anyone can hook up a mic to a computer these days, right?  Yeah that's true.  But they still manage to create poor quality audio.  Part of the problem is not having the correct microphone and interface.  But even if they do, lack of knowledge will prevent most folks from getting a great result.

Luckily this book not only gives specific advice as to equipment (mics and interfaces, etc.), but presents four really important tips to give you the knowledge you need to use that gear to produce professional results.

And now you can dive right in setting up your home recording studio by grabbing the Kindle version of the book here:

If you'd prefer to have the pdf version, click here for that.

I'm sure this will help anyone who wants to sound more professional on their videos, music, voice-over auditions and jobs, podcasts, etc.

Good luck!


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