How Do I Set Up A Small Home Recording Studio?

I was just answering a question over at Yahoo! Answers.  The poster asked "How do I set up a small recording studio?"  This is such a frequently asked question that I wrote a 5-part series of articles to answer it over on the previous Home Brew Audio site.  To read that series, click here.

But just as a quick answer to the question, I started by asking what the poster wanted to do with the studio.  If they want to do voice-over type stuff, such as narrations for videos, podcasts, radio and TV ads, eLearning etc.  If so, the small home recording studio can be quite small.  You can get very good sound from a decent audio interface such as the M-Audio Fast Track, and a large diaphragm condenser microphone such as a Audio-Technica AT2035.  Total cost for those two items totals about $150.  These would be considered the minimum for obtaining pro level quality audio in my book.  Of course the quality goes up from there in better interfaces and microphones.

With that setup you can still record music, but only one track at a time.  So recording full bands with lots of mics would not be very do-able.  For that you'd need an interface that can record multiple mics at once (at least 2 for live-to-stereo or for guitar and vocal, etc.).  You might also want a MIDI keyboard for taking advantage of software virtual instruments.  You'd also want more than one mic.  I'd recommend adding at least one other mic like the Shure SM-81 for recording acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments.

There are lots more details in the series called How To Build A Home Recording Studio.

Good luck!


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