Headphones Anthony Ervin, Kristian Ipsen and Sun Yang Wore At 2012 Olympics

Monster Power Beats by Dr. DreAmerican Olympic swimmer, Anthony Ervin and diver, Kristian Ipsen, and Chinese swimmer Sun Yang wore Monster Power Beats by Dr. Dre High Definition Isolation headphones in between swims and dives at the 2012 Olympics.  Athletes often wear headphones like these because it helps them focus as they isolate themselves with around-the-ear ear cups providing noise reduction and great sound for music.  Michael Phelps, for example, wears the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks, and Troy Dumais, the American Diver, wears the Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The Monster Power Beats by Dr. Dre High Definition Isolation headphones, are around-the-ear phones, which totally encircle you ears, as opposed to the on-ear type that sort of just smoosh your ears against your head - albeit, very gently;).  They also have a closed-back design for increased isolation, along with active noise-cancellation and a scratch-resistant gloss finish.  The sound quality is designed to provide deep bass and clear vocals.

There are also two detachable cables, one of which has an inline iPhone control.

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