Headphones Katie Bell Wore At 2012 Olympics

Monster Power Beats by Dr. DreThe American Olympic diver, Katie Bell (not to be confused with the Gryffindor quidditch player;)), wore some awesome headphones in between her dives during her competition at the 2012 Olympics - the Monster Power Beats by Dr. Dre High Definition Isolation headphones.

She was not alone in her preference for these particular noise-cancelling headphones.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, her co-Olympians, American swimmer, Anthony Ervin and diver, Kristian Ipsen, and Chinese swimmer Sun Yang also wore these same cans.

They offer awesome comfort (since they totally encircle the ears) and audio quality, as well as high quality noise cancellation and inline iPhone control.

Click here to heck them out and maybe pick up a pair for yourself.

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