Eurovision Song Contest – Awesome Audio and Music

We lived in England for four years and love it.  One of the experiences we cherished was watching the Eurovision Song Contest every year.  It's huge in Europe and both revered and hated by many.  Sure, it's a little kitchy and silly at times; and the songwriting can be a bit formulaic to say the least, but it's always a huge amount of fun.  We watched it on YouTube this year, since the US does not televise ESC (why would they?), and I noticed something I'd not noticed in the past.  The audio, which is all live performances mind you, is fabulous!

Say what you want about Eurovision, but the singers (with rare exceptions) are fantastic.  There is a rule that the singers must sing live -  no Auto Tune, no pre-recorded vocals.  If you've ever seen televised live music you may have noticed that singers often don't sound anywhere near as good as they do "on the record."  I have my suspicions that many pop stars in America can't really sing very well, but that's another issue (Katy Perry is the real deal though!).  Anyway, my point is that for all the joking about Eurovision, they have mastered the art and science of broadcasting live music that sounds unbelievably good.

Below are two of our favorite songs from EVC 2012, the Italy and Malta entries:

Now that is real live singing and a top-notch live performance and broadcast of same.  American TV (not to mention American pop stars) could learn a thing or two from Eurovision.

Another thing I love about ESC is the quality of the songs (OK I should specify - quality of the music - lyrics are still pretty much "boom boom boom" and "ooh I love you") is pretty awesome too.  The best European pop song writers get into this every year and the show displays an excellent collection of well-crafted tunes.

So I encourage you to watch the Eurovision Song Contest next year if you can.  And then compare every broadcast of actual live music to THAT from now on.

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